This International Pharma Exec Stopped Worrying About Being Fired and Doubled Her Salary Instead


When Angelina called me, she was at the end of her rope. All she wanted was to keep her job as a business development manager for her company that had recently been acquired by an NYC-based international pharmaceutical company. The idea of doubling her salary, let alone taking on greater responsibility and a bigger role, wasn’t even remotely on her radar; she just wanted to avoid being fired.

Angelina had allowed her career to run on autopilot for quite a while. She’d been working for her original company — an NGO that focused on women’s health in developing countries — for seven years and hadn’t had a raise in three. She had accepted this lack of salary advancement by rationalizing that she didn’t want to ask for more money when her company wasn’t profitable and also it was okay since she was truly passionate about her job helping women. All she really needed was to be liked and for her boss to tell her she was doing a good job; that would be reward enough.


Annette Saldana