Did that make you scared? Quaking in your boots? Paralyzed with fear?


I didn’t think so. After all, without a question preceding it, it’s easy to see what “no” truly is… a word. It’s just a word. So why are you letting fear of one tiny, two-letter word keep you from asking for the raise you deserve? Yes, the raise you deserve.

If you just had the thought, “But I don’t deserve it,” that doesn’t mean that you don’t. Rather, that thought is a symptom of a mindset that isn’t serving you. It’s a symptom of a mindset that could be holding you back. It’s a symptom of a story you often tell yourself, and spoiler alert: in this story, you’re not the heroine and there is no happy ending. So why do you keep telling it?

The truth is: as long as you tell yourself that story, you tell it to everyone else, too. No, not literally with your words. But energetically? Yes. Through the nuances of your daily actions and conversations? Yes. Through the way you interact with your colleagues and your boss? Yes. They’re hearing that story, too—the story that lists all the reasons why you’re not worth more.

equal pay day

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when you change the story you’re telling, you also change the story everyone is hearing. And what better day to change it than Equal Pay Day? Whether or not you’re able to rewrite your mindset on the spot, whether or not you’re able to believe that you deserve more, there is no question that you deserve at least as much as your male counterpart.

Equal Pay Day this year is April 2, 2019. This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. And there is no sad story in the world, no insidious mindset, no negative self-talk that your brain could use to convince you this doesn’t affect you. The gap between men’s and women’s wages is an undeniable fact.


You can start by asking for things to change. I made these scripts and tips just for you; consider them concrete tools you can use to not only stand up and face the fear in “no,” but also open yourself up to the possibility that that “no” might actually turn out to be a “yes.”

You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

And trust me: you are brave enough to ask.

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