Here’s what I’m better at than most: helping you change the story in your head, so you can rapidly produce results in the world.

Not only can I show you how that uninvited posse in your head sets the limits, I can show you how to release those limits when you set the right conversation in motion. 

I wasn't born this way.     

by all accounts...

I was not one of those natural-born charmers who at age 8 could approach anyone with an audacious request--and magically entice them to say "yes!" despite their better judgment.  

I was so shy it hurt.  I couldn’t speak to more than one person without hearing drumbeats. My parents were delighted when I made it through high school without incident. 

I didn’t know it then, but my leadership style was Ms. Idealist. Natural caretaker and true believer who never stops hoping? Yep, that’s me. Asking for what I wanted in life felt contrary to my instincts. I’ve always been more comfortable making sure everyone else is comfortable. Why rock the boat? 

This was my story—but it began to change around the time I decided I wanted to change the world. (Or, one tiny piece of it, anyway.) 

At age of 18, I was helping a non-profit called The Hunger Project, as a citywide coordinator for Atlanta. In my quest to help reduce world hunger, I quickly realized that the ability to naturally, and authentically, ask for what I wanted was the single biggest success factor in my relationships, earnings, and in building effective organizations.

So, I got good at making requests fast! I worked with several mentors, received a communication/public speaking course scholarship,  practiced and practiced, and then practiced some more, until I could speak from my heart rather than my head. 

Not only did this lead to $85,000 in donations for THProject that year, but the ability to naturally, effectively, ask for what matters most has since allowed me to spend more than 20 years helping artists, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders move the world with their words.  

I started my company 11 years ago, energizing clients like American Express and Ogilvy & Mather with programs that fueled purpose-driven instincts and shifted fear driven attitudes. In 2011, two friends and I started the Gasparilla Music Festival. I'm still blown away that with only 11 brave dreamers, some well designed conversations, unapologetic grit and grins... we had over 6,000 people in attendance in less than 8 months!  It surpassed all expectations and still thrives today.

In 2012, I launched Irresistible Requests with a commitment to level the playing field for women. It's been a proven source of achievement and connection for some courageous and committed women, and the best is still yet to come!  

It’s important to me that you know: a defining part of my expertise has been failure. I wasn't born with courage or mindsets that inspired success. I’ve been kicked out of catholic school, coaching programs, dropped out of college, failed diets, relationships, and even got my ass kicked by a vc investor three years ago.  But it is this—this unifying aspect of being human—and the perspectives I've gleamed along the way, that ultimately makes my skills as valuable as they are. It's the context behind the tools we offer that triples its worth. 

After 20 years of consulting and working with over 50,000 people, I’ve realized the secret to high performance, peace of mind and profits wasn’t in developing new modules or getting people to "feel more motivated.” It was in actively creating the proper mindset that shifted how people talk to each other.

In the last year I faced, and recovered from some critical medical challenges. This uninvited guest left behind so many gifts. It's never been clearer to me that when seize our mindset and fully own the power of our voice, something magical begins to happen.

You suddenly stop buying into other people’s opinions of who you are and who you can be. You stop censoring yourself and forget the unexamined rules about what you should and shouldn't say or do. You find yourself BEING your own best expert and get yourself noticed. You make yourself heard and gain control of the way you run your business, spend your time, and choose to delegate the precious minutes of your life. You make good things happen and unleash a supreme sense of sovereignty.  That expansive feeling grows with you. This feeling has changed my life. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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What results have you created for others?

First it's important to clarify, the clients did the work and have full ownership of their results. They're my greatest inspiration and I feel it best to let them speak for themselves... read all about their successes here.


Where have you worked?

Everywhere I’ve worked has always been geared towards helping people recognize and tap into their potential. Before founding my first company in 2005, I gained varied experience. I volunteered with The Hunger Project. I worked as Senior Program Director at The Leadership Development Institute, where I specialized in program enrollment and executive coaching for top management of companies such as Alcon Labs, Chevron, and IBM. I also moved some mountains at a global training & development company, where I led training programs specializing in leadership, communication, project management, public speaking to over 40,000 people.


What can you do that I can’t do on my own, get in a book, from a girlfriend or online?

You may be able to read a book, but can a book read you? No.

You may have access to resources online, but can those apps help YOU access your most personal dreams? Your deepest fears? No.

In fact, as self-aware as you might be, chances are you don’t even have full access to those things—we just can't easily see our own mindset blocks. That’s exactly what makes them effective blocks!

And sure, your friend may know you better than anyone… but her expertise stops there. She’s your friend, not a mindset pro who can help you sort through the chaos, get honest about what you're really here to do, and reframe all of it in a way that pulls the best out of you. That’s me. I give you the insight of a best friend paired with the expertise of a NYTimes bestseller— plus the support to see it through—and that is the breakthrough tool you need to do what few ever will: defy expectations


How can you help me get the results I want?

Trick question. I need to know the results you want before I answer that. Anyone who could provide a specific answer to that question isn't offering you the degree of individual attention you need to change your life. But for the sake of this Q&A, I will say: by using a tailored-to-you version of the proven method I’ve used to help all kinds of clients. And my method begins by asking: how badly do you want results? Are you willing to try new suggested behaviors? How do you respond to ruthless compassion and venturing out of your comfort zone? Any coach that claims to deliver results without addressing these questions, probably won't deliver the lasting results you’re looking for. Ultimately, I find that people either don't trust me or they don't trust themselves. Which is it for you? Let's talk and take it from there.


How are you different from other coaches?

Other programs give you tons of information. I remove information. What you already know is getting in your way. It may be what has you stuck. When Amex brought me in, it wasn't because they didn't have enough trainers—they spend millions on their internal training department alone! They brought me in because I have a knack for helping people speak their truth—and that produces far reaching results that mean more than a paycheck.


My listening skills plus my wildly active imagination make me able to recognize and release your deeply rooted fears and disrupt your views (of yourself, your problems, how doable your goals are) by reframing things in a way no one ever has before. This immediately puts into motion change in your conversations, your behaviors, and your outcomes.

And finally, at the very core of what I do is my ever-growing understanding of language, human behavior, mindset, and neuroscience. Every tool we use is proven, and every product + service we offer, is rooted in that.

My work (and this site) are here to support you in being able to notice things about yourself that you may not have seen before, so you can achieve more with less effort.

Lead more. Relax more. Have the life you really want.