photo credit @Laurie Sermos

photo credit @Laurie Sermos



The best change efforts may fail unless people change the way they think.

Our work has shown that personal transformations that address the underlying attitudes that prevent change are four times more likely to succeed than those that tackle only the symptoms of resistance.

Annette Saldana is a communication catalyst and breakthrough consultant, with 25+years experience in transformational education. She’s helped the world’s most successful business leaders create and realize dramatic shifts in performance across several industries including media, financial services, telecommunications, and nonprofits.

She founded ASG Training & Development in 2005 with an original focus on fostering customer loyalty, building brand leadership, and increasing sales performance. In 2010 she founded Irresistible Requests with a commitment to increase the influence and impact of women in the workplace.


Annette is an expert in authentically generating the necessary mindset shifts and behaviors essential for success. Whether she’s partnering with complex organizations, private individuals or entrepreneurs, her customized, data-driven, context-shifting solutions cultivate the necessary focus, freedom and bravery to achieve ambitious goals.

This stems from her profound understanding that communication IS the process through which we create, invent and innovate together. Annette knows that conscious communication is the heart of coordinated action and achievement.


Experience has shown that simply training on products and internal communication campaigns are not enough to inspire extraordinary performance and transformational leadership. Without adjusting the context in which individuals participate in the workplace, much of the value of any training is lost. Leveraging a team of experts, ASG’s solutions assess context to generate conversations that create evolved commitment and connection, while inspiring employees and stakeholders to align deeply, act quickly, and deliver exceptional business results in the areas that matter most.