We all want a raise, but how do we get it?


How many times have you, said: “I’m just not ready to take that promotion.” Or “Maybe someday I’ll get that bonus”?

You set the goal. You want the goal. But you don’t think you can have it now.

Right? Here’s why …

You don’t know how to ask for what you really want.

Wait - you’ve been asking for things since you can remember...

“May I have more desert, mama?” “Can I go to the movies with my friends?” “Will you help me move my couch?”

These are simple questions with simple answers. But in the arenas that matter the most - your career, your paycheck - the questions are more complex and the answers are a lot scarier. The way you ask your questions means the difference between getting it all, or nothing at all. And the trouble is, you can’t ask the right questions if you don’t know what answers you’re looking for.

  • What if you knew how to get the big promotion that’s on the line, without battling your coworkers and clawing your way to the top?

  • What if you could attract bigger clients, and more of them, without lowering your fees or compromising your skills? Hey - why not double your rates and finally be paid what you are truly worth?

  • What if you could respond confidently without missing a beat when a recruiter or hiring manager asked “What kind of salary range are you looking for?”

The Mo’ Money Honey Guide will provide you with a deep dive into discovering what it is that you truly want from your career, and shaping your questions in a way that no one can refuse.

We’ll lay out the framework for how to:

  • Ask for a raise and respond to objections without losing your nerve or your dignity

  • Graciously get career advice and introductions from key influencers, without being annoying or bothersome

  • Be a natural sales pro and win new business with integrity

What's more, we'll provide the scripts and tips you can bring to the table so that you know exactly what to ask to get the answer you want. 

Each step in this guide will prepare you to have the big conversations you’ve been holding off on. And provide a strategy for next steps, no matter how the conversation goes. Download the Mo' Money Honey guide and get ready for the next big YES.

Looking for a deeper dive and personal career coaching? Sit down with Annette to see how she can work alongside you to actualize the questions - and answers - you've been searching for. Click the image to get a Coaching Consultation scheduled.