The Expedition

Excuse me, I think this belongs to you...

It’s your old ViewMaster toy from when you were a kid. Change the slide, it’s a whole new world - a new View. Someone found it and turned it in, and I want you to have it back.

By the time we’re finished here, it could be worth $1 million.

I know that number sounds crazy, but most women go through life looking through the same set of Views. They don’t see the best opportunities, they don’t ask for what they want, they miss out. No millions for them! Except you! I’ve got the actual, real-world Views (scripts & case studies) that have earned $905,000 for the entrepreneurs and business leaders who used them to ask for big things from big people. And I want to give them to you with your ViewMaster.  

Photo by John Lund/Sam Diephuis/Blend Images / Getty Images

Photo by John Lund/Sam Diephuis/Blend Images / Getty Images

Let’s get your old toy back and personalize it, so you can see opportunities and make profitable requests wherever you go. You’re invited to join me for an Expedition to the 7 Lands of Asking for It (Without Being Pushy) - download the three part podcast, and here's what you'll get - in stereo:

  • A View that led to a technical designer getting a 120k contract—from his own competitor.  

  • A View that led to a successful business woman reaching out to someone she was sure was “out of her league”—and being invited to a celebrity luncheon

  • A View that raised $85,000 in one year for a nonprofit

  • A View that generated $700,000 in additional revenue for a corporate trainer

  • The 3 steps to structure and sequence a request—so people naturally want to say “yes”--even that client you can’t risk hearing “no” from  

  • 7 requests you never would have thought of, that will make life so much easier.

  • Your true “request” type—this is also your leadership style. (Bet you didn’t know they were connected.)

  • All-inclusive Q&A session. If I don’t get to it on the call, look for the answer in a follow-up post or email.