For several years I’ve been focused on helping women capitalize on their natural instincts by leveraging the power of their mindset to fulfill their wildest dreams in life, love and business, I OFTEN find 3 stumbling blocks that otherwise smart, talented women run into. Perhaps you’ve run into them as well.

  • Are You Tired of  -- Often Conveying Insecurity, When Asking For Money and Higher Fees... The Job Interview or Referral You Need?

  • When Meeting Potential Clients, Partners, Investors, Do You Often Struggle to Speak With Confidence, Positivity and Calmness?

  • When You’re reaching for Specific Goals in Business, Do You Come Across as Insecure or Feel Frustrated?  Would you Like to Focus More on Your Purpose Than How You’re Perceived?

If you expect a lot from yourself, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety of your expectations actually getting in the way of success. And unfortunately you’re not alone.

It doesn’t matter where you go, ask any woman who’s reaching for specific goals this year, and you’ll often hear how limited perceptions, conversations and self imposed limits are fostering a sense of uneasiness, anxiety and exhaustion.

And you’re not alone…

Read the inspiring story of a successful woman who overcame her fear, rose to the challenges of a successful career, shifted her mindset and got into action.  

“When I heard about Annette’s program, the The Art & Science of Irresistible Requests™ I was feeling pretty hopeless and in a very stagnant place in my life and in my career. I am single mom and am a fashion director for a women’s national magazine and have been for 14 years. I work in an industry that is suffering greatly and have watched my income and my work load decrease substantially over the last three years. I reached a point where I was struggling to afford my life and knew I needed to make some dramatic changes.

When I spoke to Annette and learned about her program it really resonated with me and gave me sense of hope again. I knew I needed to generate more income and knew that I needed to work outside of my job on freelance projects. I lacked the confidence and the tools to reach out to people that could help me, guide me and hire me.

I knew what I needed to do however I didn’t have the discipline, guidance or fire to do it.  The program challenged me in such a way that made me really focus on what I needed to do, how to ask for it and really held me accountable for all of it.

In the 4 months following the program I have been able to generate double my monthly salary each month, have worked with new clients and have been able to pick up a bi-monthly project on a new magazine.

Annette really had the knowledge and the know-how to challenge and push me outside my comfort zone in a very positive way and not allow me to fall back into my old habits.  She constantly encouraged and excited me to stay focused and think outside of the box and ask for what I wanted.

If you’re worried about spending the money on yourself as most women are, look at it as an investment in yourself and your life! If you don’t invest in yourself why is anyone else going to? Annette’s program really changed my mindset, my confidence and more than anything has changed my life in such a positive way in regards to my career, my relationships and my happiness!”

Here’s one of the things I’m most proud of.

We reserve 10% of available seats for scholarship recipients, as well as a portion of revenue is donated to organizations dedicated to women and children — such as Kiva, Dining For Women, the Hunger Project and Girls Who Code.  

I want you to believe that what is good for you is good for the world. I’ve built in a reward system so the more Irresistible Requests™ you make in the program, the more impact your words will have. You can feel good knowing that when you invest in yourself, you are also investing in other women.

No matter how you like to learn, you will find the support you need to gain a forward thinking mindset that allows you to leap into action generate more profits, get the best from others, and just plain have more fun in life, love and business.  

What will you use your words for?   Your opportunity is here. Say YES.

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