“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

-- Sara Blakely  


This quiz is for women who want to better understand their Leadership Mindset brilliance and understand its inherit limits.


The more you see yourself clearly, the more you broaden your options. The Key to Unlocking Performance, Profits, and Peace of Mind “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice; and because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there’s little that we can do to change, until we notice how failing to notice changes our thoughts and deeds.” -- R.D. Laing

You can’t change what you don’t see This quiz was designed with you in mind - I want you to be super successful in all areas of your life without compromising your needs, wants, and strength. We don’t have to act like men to be successful and we need to embrace who we are in order to make an impact. Once you better understand your leadership style, you can see your particular brand of brilliance and understand any inherent limits.

The more clearly you see yourself, the more clearly you can be seen by the world. How do you look at things? Let’s begin by observing how you observe. I wonder - as I know many of you do, too - why you see things the way you do. After all, self-awareness is a required skill these days, isn’t it? Perhaps the question shouldn’t be: “Why do I see things like I see them?” Perhaps a better question would be: “Is the way I see things producing the results I want?” The invitation here is to always have a pair of eyes on yourself.

I invite you to see yourself clearly, not in an overly harsh or judgmental manner, but with honesty and acceptance. In my work, I’ve seen 3 Leadership Style Archetypes. They are: Ms. Idealist Ms. Force of Nature Ms. Commander In Chief.