“Working with Annette Was Nothing Short of Life Changing.”
— Shani Schecter, Morgan Stanley
“In a world where choice seems to be based on a model of life as a glass half full, working with Annette offered me a new way of looking at and defining the glass. It’s been an inspiring and liberating way to create in every aspect of my life.”
— Laura Thielen, Executive Director Aspen Film Fest
Annette is like an industrial strength eye cleanser. She helps clarify and sharpen what is plainly sitting in front of you. While dealing with a difficult business relationship, she also led me to a better understanding of my career direction and the relationship I have with my wife. Annette helped me realize my true goal was to start my own business. Within six months, I had left my high-paying corporate job, partnered with a long-time friend, and I sit here in my newly-established office with the phone ringing off the hook.
— Tim Nichols https://www.no-arch.com/
Getting to know Annette has been such a game-changer. When discussing the offer for my current position, the things I learned from Annette about mindsets, self-image and self-worth really stuck with me, and I was able to ask for what I really wanted to earn- what I felt I deserved. I fully credit this work in helping me make a significant leap in salary (more than 30%!) and responsibility. Not only that, it’s done more than improve my current lifestyle- it’s continued to improve my sense of self.
— Sunita Kapahi
Annette helped me to understand, verbalize and manage my fears as well as to create a vision for my venture and my life.

Through a number of exercises she helped me to recognize - and ultimately change - my preoccupations (or what she calls ‘conversations’) about issues as diverse as ‘money’, ‘business goals’, or my ‘fear of the unknown’. We worked together on my personal and professional ‘manifesto’, creating and setting intentions, and working towards reaching them.

For a long time she had me post a simple note saying “it shall be” next to my computer.

Over the course of roughly six months she built up my confidence and provided aid to define who I wanted to be and what I wanted my business to be. Additionally, over the past years we have worked on a number of business development strategies. She gave me valuable feedback on a number of leads I had and coached me in interacting and communicating with them.

Above all she introduced a layer of accountability, something I desperately needed since I did not want to bring in a partner. Annette was at my side every step of the way, seemingly equally invested in my venture as I was.
— Hermann Zschiegner http://two-n.com/
My wife and I had abandoned hope when we hired Annette.
During our sessions, Annette identified and attacked the impediments that were preventing us from communicating with each other. Annette showed us techniques enabling us to understand each other’s words – something I mistakenly thought I was already doing – and to both deliver and respond to the intended message.

In order to teach us those techniques and bridge our communication gap, Annette had to reach us, understand us, and convince us that there was hope – that our situation was not irremediable. She did that with a calm, confident disposition and a well deserved confidence in her own abilities and methods.

Simply stated, Annette Saldana can be counted on to get things done – and to– give you and your organization the tools to get things done.

She will make good things happen for you: that is just what she does.
— Michael Trentalange https://tktampa.com/
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