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If you find yourself hesitating and waiting for “better timing,” then you’ll want to be a part of Irresistible Requests™ so you can begin to cultivate the confidence and clarity you need to get what you most want in life, love and business.

This multimedia coaching experience was designed with your busy schedule in mind. No matter how you like to learn, you can find what you need to succeed. You’ll have immediate exclusive access to:   

  • Online, interactive workbook modules

  • Video lessons

  • An inspired, supportive community

  • And plenty of live-action workshopping time over the phone, lots of hands-on activities, cheering, specific close-reading & makeovers of your requests — if you need to ask someone for something big, if you need to ask a bunch of people for a bunch of small things, then this is where you want to be.

You’ll have so many mindset shifts that the requests will start to automatically assemble themselves in your head.

Annette’s Irresistible Requests program has been useful to me in not only melting the fear of asking for the things that I deeply want, but in providing tools for approaching important conversations. In one instance, I had an upcoming conversation at work that I was absolutely dreading — the relationship was strained for a while and I also had my reputation on the line. My Irresistible Requests cohort had just had its group coaching with Annette, so I did not want to reach out to her individually so soon after, nor did I feel that my friends or other supporters in my life had enough context or tools to help me. I was feeling beside myself regarding the upcoming meeting, so I sat down with one of Annette’s exercises. The set of questions were like a coaching session that I could walk myself through — which gave me a fresh-perspective, 360-degree view of the conversation ahead (including the other participant’s viewpoint); it helped me prepare a strategy for the turns the conversation could take; and it left me feeling prepared.

Ultimately, completing the activity beforehand allowed me to stay calm and in control of a situation where previously I had not been able to stay as composed or diplomatic. When I eventually switched to a new job (another accomplishment I credit Annette’s program for enabling), I was able to leave my previous job on good terms instead of burning a bridge. I can easily see the Irresistible Requests program translating into an app that keeps these tools at our fingertips.
— SS


You are not alone. Join a growing and supportive community of women who help each other ask for—and get—what they want most in their careers and in their lives. Women committed to helping women achieve success on authentic ground.

An accountability system is built in to help you develop the skills you need to unlock the potential within you. Designed to fit into your busy schedule, you can dream big and take small steps. Transform in the program at your own pace or blast through if you please.


You can work independently to access powerful mindset shifts. These thought-provoking exercises help you increase self awareness, gain clarity, design and lead irresistible conversations to attract the partners and clients and followers you need.  You'll learn powerful communication strategies and tactics to help you live your best life.


During the 6 month program, join Annette and the community twice a month to help you get what you want through effective communication, beat negative thinking, and confidently stand up for yourself while respecting others. Start making Irresistible Requests™ right out of the gate—without feeling desperate, needy, pushy, bossy, or presumptuous.




“I no longer listen to the voice in my head that used to keep me from making effective requests at work. Now I can respectfully ask for what I want, and be prepared for the answer, whether it’s yes or no. My boss said this is the version of me he wants to see at work every day.”

--A.M.R, Office Depot executive

I love it when that happens. Get on the wait list now. Doors open in December.

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