Embark on a 12 week journey of self-discovery and skill-building using proven techniques based on positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Access new ways of being. Revel in powerful mindset shifts. Lead more. Relax more. Confidently and courageously create conversations that move the world. Identify what matters most and then ask for it... with confidence and grace.

  Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life.

“GO AHEAD. Be a smart ask.”

-- Annette Saldaña

Ever wondered what special quality makes some women able to effortlessly get what they want, speak with confidence, and stand up for themselves while respecting others?
They make it look oh so easy.

What I’ve discovered is this:

The most successful woman you know is as ordinary as you and me...
with one imperceptible difference…
that leads to the most perceptible impact:

She sees the world differently…
So she makes sense of the world differently…
So she speaks of the world and to the world differently.
That one, quantum leap difference is:
her mindset and the words on which that mindset is built.
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Transform Challenges.

“My personal interactions with her have been a tremendous boost to my negotiations and brainstorming capabilities with my customers. Annette helped me transform customer challenges into opportunities.”

This isn’t some recycled, new-agey nonsense. It’s science.

The female brain has a more active anterior cingulate cortex than the male brain. This is the part of the brain we can thank for helping us shift attention and recognizing errors. However, when it is overactive, women easily become paralyzed in negative thoughts or behaviors, seeing only what is wrong rather than what is right.

Harnessing the unique power of your mind to build you up rather than tear you down is a game-changer. Pair that with qualities that have long been labeled as traditionally “female” and coincidentally proven to make up the most effective type of leader?

You’re left with a powerhouse: you. And the things you may have once believed to be weaknesses could actually be reclaimed as your greatest strengths.

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Curious yet? Good.

That’s step 1.

After 20 years of consulting and working with over 50,000 people, I’ve realized the secret to high performance and profits wasn’t in developing new modules or getting people to feel “more motivated.” It was in actively creating the proper mindset that shifted how people talk to each other.
But I know mindset shifts seem so elusive! Even complicated.

I hear it all the time.

“What if I can’t exercise some control over how I think?”  

“What if I feel better, but then never take the right action?”

“What if I’m just not hardwired to BE that way?”

These are the doubts that stop us in our tracks, keeping us from the life we most want.  

They’re the questions that come hand-in-hand with statements like:

“I’m just bad at delegating.”

“I can’t negotiate—it’s not one of my personality traits.”

“I simply don’t have the money to accomplish my goals.”

To whom does this voice belong?

Hint: it’s not you.

I have a method proven to disarm and silence the voices that do not belong to you and do not serve you.

And I have a mission to help you find your real voice—so that you finally speak the words that serve you.

The words the move your world and the world around you.
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Ladies. Leaders. You’re one and the same. 

For the love of possibility, get the best out of life. 

No nonsense.

You stand ready to open the door to humming, thrumming, unstoppable joy. May I present the key?

Sacrifice the notion that successful people 

have something you don’t. 

It’s the only sacrifice you’ll make—and good riddance!

The returns you’ll get when you make this investment in yourself:

Whether you’re a CEO, emerging leader or an entrepreneur learning to think like one, you’ll enjoy the following:

Redeem your new skills for cash prizes. Learn how to ask for what you want without flinching, lowering your fees as a knee-jerk response, or worse—shooting yourself in the foot and not asking at all because talking about money makes you queasy. Attract bigger clients (and more of them) simply by knowing how to ask for them. In fact, why not double your fees? Studies show that women who negotiate earn $1 million more before retirement than women who don’t. What if you were one of them—a confident woman who makes irresistible requests?

1.     Partnerships with A-list people and introductions to new markets. Successful women don’t have “competitors,” and they don’t promote alone. Market yourself the right way and you won’t have to convince anyone to hire you for the rest of your life—they’ll line up. 

2.     Better performance from your team. Know how to entice others to just naturally WANT to do your bidding—leveraging their own core motivations and desires. In other words, unlock your team’s best performance ever even if your team consists of sleepy, sloppy teenagers—and genuinely adore them all the while.

3.     Confidence, freedom, power. Step out and speak up—even when there are no ready answers. Sometimes you just know. You don’t need evidence or proof or time to figure it all out. 

4.     A dedicated partner in wish fulfillment. Here’s what I’m better at than anyone else in the world: helping you change the story in your head, so you can rapidly produce results in the world. Not only can I show you how that uninvited posse in your head sets the limits, I can show you how to release those limits when you set the right conversation in motion. 

5.     Respect. Get ready to stop putting up with stuff from people you know are capable of so much more. Be boss without the bossy in the most loving, strong, authentic way possible. This feels so good, which makes it sustainable for you + all.

Learning to ask for what matters most (and get it) is a skill you can master.  

  • You are not alone. We know there’s no cookie cutter approach to life so we combine proven, simple, easy-to-follow steps with personalized coaching conversations designed around your personal needs. And you’ll join a growing and inspired community of women who are here to help each other unlock their full potential

  • You’ll master your mood. We’ll implement the latest practices to feel centered, connected to yourself, and empowered throughout your day. You can relax knowing you don’t have to be and do it all yourself. Women report feeling inspired, strong, excited, confident and curious from these practices. You will too.

  • Release the never ending search for something outside of yourself to make you happy and fulfilled. Expand your ability to trust that your greatest security lies within. Are you ready to discover, (and we mean fully embody and experience) that you already have everything you need right there inside of you? On this journey of self-discovery you’ll find it- and use it

  • No dry, boring lectures. We won’t throw a lot of boring new words and charts at you. Instead, we’ll ask you pointed questions that jump start new ways of thinking helping you live the life you most want to live

  • No huge mountains to climb. All you need to do is change the conversations with yourself and those around you. This is more than a career shifter. It’s a mindset shifter… and a total life shifter.

  • You can’t fail.  Use our built in accountability system: Wonder Labs to access coaching and a library of scripts and templates for the skills you need. Got a passion project? We’re happy to help you stay on track in meeting your goals



Annette really had the knowledge and the know-how to challenge and push me outside my comfort zone in a very positive way and not allow me to fall back into my old habits.

- Kathryn McRitchie

When I heard about Annette’s program, the The Art & Science of Irresistible Request I was feeling pretty hopeless and in a very stagnant place in my life and in my career. I am single mom and am a fashion director for a women’s national magazine and have been for 14 years. I work in an industry that is suffering greatly and have watched my income and my work load decrease substantially over the last three years. I reached a point where I was struggling to afford my life and knew I needed to make some dramatic changes.

When I spoke to Annette and learned about her program it really resonated with me and gave me sense of hope again. I knew I needed to generate more income and knew that I needed to work outside of my job on freelance projects. I lacked the confidence and the tools to reach out to people that could help me, guide me and hire me. I knew what I needed to do however I didn’t have the discipline, guidance or fire to do it. The program challenged me in such a way that made me really focus on what I needed to do, how to ask for it and really held me accountable for all of it.

In the 4 months following the program I have been able to generate double my monthly salary each month, have worked with new clients and have been able to pick up a bi-monthly project on a new magazine.

Annette really had the knowledge and the know-how to challenge and push me outside my comfort zone in a very positive way and not allow me to fall back into my old habits. She constantly encouraged and excited me to stay focused and think outside of the box and ask for what I wanted.

If you’re worried about spending the money on yourself as most women are, look at it as an investment in yourself and your life! If you don’t invest in yourself why is anyone else going to? Annette’s program really changed my mindset, my confidence and more than anything has changed my life in such a positive way in regards to my career, my relationships and my happiness!

How many big, crazy outcomes
can you unlock in 12 weeks? 

Enroll in the Irresistible Requests program today and receive: 

  • 1-hr total-requests-live telephonic coaching workshop twice a month for 12 weeks--no question left behind! Can’t make it? Don’t worry, it’s recorded. - $1200 value  

  • Analysis and redesign of up to 5 “Smartasks” Get ready to achieve more with less effort - Priceless 

  • 12 weeks of support and spot coaching from Annette Saldaña in private Wonder Lab - $2500 value 

  • 6 video modules delivered over the span of 12 weeks, with lifetime access so you can watch and review over time. - $450 value 

  • The Irresistible Requests Workbook in Digital Format - $500 value for the content itself, insights and results produced from implementation - priceless! 

I’m as invested in your winning as you are.

Join forces with me (and my 20 years of industry experience and secrets) and make our dream team.

Let’s start, shall we?

You can join the 12-week program for $699, or three convenient monthly payments of $249. Each program comes with lifetime access to the materials and you are invited to enjoy this program again at any time, at no cost to you.


What’s your experience?

At age of 18, I was helping a non-profit called the Hunger Project. In my quest to help reduce world hunger, I realized that my ability to ask for what I wanted was the single biggest success factor in my relationships and earnings, and in building effective organizations. Since then, I have spent more than 20 years helping entrepreneurs and executive leaders of large companies. I started my first company 11 years ago, energizing clients like American Express and Ogilvy & Mather to shift their mindsets and performance with conscious communication.

It’s important to me that you know: a defining part of my experience has been failure. I was not born successful. I’ve been kicked out of high school, dropped out of college, failed classes and relationships. I still get scared. But it is this—this unifying aspect of being human—that ultimately makes me and my skills as valuable as they are. It is the context behind the value I have to offer that triples its worth. It is knowing that I can start the day uncertain but end it more certain than anything that makes my methods so easily applicable to others like me.

What results have you created for others?

I’ll let my clients speak for themselves... have you checked out the testimonials page?

Where have you worked?

Everywhere I’ve worked has always been geared towards helping people recognize and tap into their potential. Before founding my first company in 2005, I gained varied experience. I volunteered with The Hunger Project. I worked as Senior Program Director at The Leadership Development Institute, where I specialized in program enrollment and executive coaching for top management of companies such as Alcon Labs, Chevron, and IBM. I also moved some mountains at a global training & development company, where I led training programs specializing in leadership, communication, project management, public speaking to over 40,000 people.

What can you do that I can’t do on my own, get in a book, from a girlfriend or online?

You may be able to read a book, but can a book read you? No.

You may have access to resources online, but do those apps have access to your most personal dreams? Your deepest fears? No.

In fact, as self-aware as you might be, chances are you don’t even have full access to those things—we cannot see our own blocks, because that’s what makes them effective blocks!

And sure, your friend may know you better than anyone… but her expertise stops there. She’s your friend, not a coach who incites breakthroughs for a living. That’s me. I give you the insight of a best friend paired with the knowledge of a New York Times bestseller—all in one—and that is the breakthrough tool you need to deliver results that exceed your (and everyone’s) expectations.

How can you help me get the results I want?

Trick question. I need to know the results you want before I answer that. Anyone who could provide a specific answer to that question is not offering you the degree of individual attention my clients are looking for. But for the sake of this Q&A, I will say: by using a tailored-to-you version of the proven method I’ve used to help all kinds of women. And my method begins with asking: How do you see the world? What matters most to you? How do you respond to constructive criticism when venturing out of your comfort zone? Any coach that claims to deliver results without addressing these questions, will not deliver the results you’re looking for. In my 20+ years of doing this, I’ve found that people either don't trust me or they don't trust themselves. Which would it be for you? It’s an important question to answer before taking this journey. Want to discuss this personally with me? Email me at and we’ll take it from there.

How are you different from other coaches?

Other programs give you tons of information. I specialize in removing information. What you know is likely getting in your way. It may even be what has you stuck! When Amex brought me in, it wasn't because they didn't have enough trainers—they spend millions on their internal training department alone! They brought me in because I freed people up to perform at work—mostly by removing what they already knew about their colleagues and their customers. I get to the source of a problem through skillful examination of context in addition to content.

My listening skills plus my wildly active imagination make me able to recognize and release your deeply rooted fears and disrupt your views (of yourselves, your problems, how doable your goals are) by reframing things in a way no one ever has before. This immediately puts into motion change in your conversations, your behaviors, and your outcomes.


I promise you:

the real value of Irresistible Requests

far exceeds the investment you’ll make.

This collaborative, intimate dialogue is designed to support you in rethinking what’s possible in your life—and your future.

You’re a smart enough cookie to know that cookie cutter programs cannot possibly deliver the personal breakthroughs they promise. A personal breakthrough requires personal attention to the unique person you are. Let’s take a look at whether IR is a fit for you and I promise to ask you some pivotal questions (rather than just feed you ready-made answers).

My commitment to you is more than a guarantee of your success, it’s a promise to do so by stepping into your world and experiencing it at your side. You invest your hard-earned money, and I invest my heart.

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